Questions & Support for the Online Camp


How it works – Online participation at a glance

  • Login => Payment => Confirmation mail => first login / setting your password. Please check your spam folder if the confirmation mail is not there within 10 minutes.
  • Recommended browser: current Chrome or Firefox browser. Also Safari and Opera
  • Better to use a laptop than a mobile phone (but will do if necessary)
  • Headset strongly recommended, mobile phone headset if necessary!
  • Please keep microphone and camera disabled unless you speak yourself. This helps saving bandwidth and avoiding feedback. Please set webcam quality to “Low”
  • If you have the choice, use a network cable rather than WiFi (more reliable/faster)
  • The online conference rooms, where the programme items are running, are opened approx. 5-10 minutes before the start of the event.

Have fun with our lively experiment – our FIRST online summer camp!

Questions about the Online Summercamp

What do we get from a ZEGG online summer camp?

Yes, an essential element of our festivals and seminars is that we can meet and – yes – touch and love each other live and in all reality. But hey! We dare the experiment of creating deep contact even at a distance. Let us surprise you!

Questions about registration and account

What payment methods are available?

At the moment there is only Paypal (incl. credit card).

We would like to offer alternative and fairer payment options, but we have not managed to set them up in the short time available.

Can I get an invoice?

As soon as your payment has been confirmed, you will receive your invoice by e-mail within the next 14 days.

I cannot log in…

Try this:

  • Open the page in a “private window” in your browser and try it there.
  • Reset your password: Login > “Forgot password” (check your spam folder if no mail is coming)
  • Contact our support via or in urgent cases by phone (033841/595-333, not continuously manned)

Questions about picture and sound

I can’t hear anything…

  • Check if your notebook is muted (in task bar or on keyboard)
  • Try playing a piece of music
  • Select the correct audio output: To select another audio output: select “No” in the echo test. If necessary, also select the correct device in Windows sound settings.
  • If all other options fail: Dial-In via phone

My microphone is not working…

  • Select the correct microphone (some USB webcams also have a built-in microphone). To select another microphone: select “No” in the echo test.
  • Un-mute yourself in the conference tool
  • Check privacy settings (in the operating system)
  • If all other options fail: Dial-In via phone

Others sound jerky…

  • Turn off video or reduce resolution
  • If all other options fail: Dial-In via phone

I sound jerky…

  • speak louder / increase microphone sensitivity
  • turn off your own camera while you talk to save bandwidth
  • If all other options fail: Dial-In via phone

My camera’s not working…

  • Check privacy settings (in the operating system)
  • Allow camera use in the browser
  • Sometimes rebooting your notebook helps
  • Test a different browser

Why do we use BigBlueButton and not Zoom?

Heart-to-heart conversations require a trustworthy environment. For this purpose we use a specially rented server based on the open source software “BigBlueButton”. This enables us to guarantee DSGVO-compliant communication and to trust that your data will not be passed on to third parties.

In this blog post by Lennart Schütz (our IT manager) you can find more information about why we are sceptical regarding Zoom.

Other problems

My problem is not here and I need help!

Contact our support via or in urgent cases by phone (033841/595-333, not continuously available).